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SUBASTOR - SubSociety The Mission



  "Brazil!!!! The beaches of sunny Ilhéus, Lalaiála, Tip-Top always to cheer, Lalaiála”

A combination of Brazil, Ilhéus, Bahia, expedition, beaches, sun, drink, tourism, alcohol, dense forest, animals, hiking, fried fish, waterfalls, drink, ice cream, heat, drink, borrachudos, sipo, a broken foot and Izidório , the real Bicho do Mato. 

This work brought all this together and the most important names in the cocktail industry in the world.

On an expedition to the Atlantic Forest, SubAstor joined conductor Fábio La Pietra, Shingo, Monica Berg, Alexis Tinoco, Tony Conigliaro and Danielle Dalla Pola to go to Ilhéus/BA to look for new ingredients and contaminate the world with our cocktails. Brasilsão.


These three trips turned into three mini-documentaries telling how this whole experience was.

with Shingo Gokan

with Monica Berg and Alexis Tinoco

with Daniele Dalla Pola and Tony Conigliaro

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